As part of our commitment to improving the environment, Underwood Solar Future provides full-service solar panel estimating and installation for commercial businesses and residential properties at fair prices.  All solar panel system installations are led by a North American Board of trained Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) qualified installer.

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Photo Gallery

Check out our photo gallery of recently completed projects including the Susquehanna Trail Solar System which contains over 880 solar panels.


Each solar panel system installation must be custom-designed to your property’s configuration.  Geographic location (valley, hilltop), rooftop orientation, and neighboring structures or landscape components are all considerations in the planned design.


Solar energy generated by a solar system can reduce or even eliminate a property’s reliance on energy from an electrical utility company.  By installing solar power, energy consumption used for lighting, heating, and household appliances is primarily generated on-site.   Unused energy can be sold to your utility company!