Solar energy harnesses the free, abundant power of the sun. Highly efficient technologies with advanced photovoltaic (PV) panels capture this clean, renewable energy source for your home or business.

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Solar provides many benefits!

A reduction in dependence means a reduction in cost!
As coal prices soar," writes the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, "electric costs are on the rise as well. In January 2011, the Pennsylvania energy cap will come off and Pennsylvania’s electrical cost is predicted to rise as high as 63 percent." 

Solar helps to save the environment.
Most power in the United States, especially in the Northeast, is generated using coal-fired power plants. While this important natural resource and infrastructure has served us well for many years, the way that we currently burn coal generates high emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), a pollutant to our air, aggravator to asthma sufferers, and an ozone-depleting “greenhouse gas” that significantly contributes to climate change. By choosing to generate your electricity through solar power, you can help stop this cycle. Plus, according to the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration office, power used in buildings represents 48% percent of the total CO2 emissions, or double the amount generated by transportation. 

Solar contributes to U.S. energy independence – and yours.
The U.S. purchases most of its oil from other nations, whose political relationships with our country can shift from friendly to unfriendly, depending upon circumstances. In addition, experts agree that our existing electricity generation and transmission structure, i.e. “The Grid,” is overburdened. Thus "The Grid" will increasingly experience rolling periods of brown-out and is extremely susceptible to service disruptions, whether they're caused by equipment or malicious acts. Many businesses and individuals want a secure means of proactively reducing their own risk of power disruption and their dependence on outside fuel and energy sources. Until the sun stops shining, solar power offers an excellent option for augmenting your power supply.